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Global Development Awards Platform

Welcome to the Global Development Awards Platform page, where you can look up researchers and development practitioners around the world, who have been past winners of the Global Development Awards Competition. With 114 entries from 39 countries since the launch in November 2021, the platform lets you find your way around a constellation of scholars and practitioners by country, theme and keywords among other criteria.

The platform serves as a way to connect with like-minded researchers and development practitioners at the forefront of informing, improving and implementing local development policies around the world. By making this database public, GDN hopes to further linkages not only ‘between’ this network of excellence, but also ‘to’ and ‘from’ it, so that the research and development supported by the awards competition can spread and enlighten via future projects, collaborations, and peer-to-peer exchanges. Not least, the platform serves as strategic support to the award competition’s M&E, facilitating the tracking and visualization of its reach and impact in the long term.

The platform was released on the 20th anniversary of the Global Development Awards Competition, and is a culmination of consultations with past winners who proposed the creation of such a network of excellence in 2017, to leverage the experience and expertise of past winners.


  • Map and Table: shows the grantees’ location and details simultaneously
  • Network: directly contact a researcher or development practitioner
  • Showcase:  (including via Linked IN or ORCID as available)
  • Search:  filters that allow you to look up a contact or project by name, year, country, and other criteria
  • Details: project information about both projects and awardees
  • Profiles: for each awardee, including abstracts of their work  




  • Different ways to search: The platform lists and enables the search function by the Principal investigator for research projects (and their affiliations), and the name of the NGO or civil society organization for development projects (and the project director’s name is also available and searchable). Furthermore, you may also look for awardees from specific editions or their topics as well as for keywords from the titles or abstracts of funded projects.
  • Connect with someone featured on the platform by looking at the cards over the map for the awardees' contact or reach us at for details. Note that contact details of awardees will be available only if GDN has been given permission to disclose them.
  • If you are an awardee and some information is not accurate or you would like to update/display your contact, please reach us at
  • Acronyms: ORD – Outstanding Research on Development. MIDP – Most Innovative Development Project. JSDF – Japan Social Development Fund



The year 2020 marked the 20th anniversary of the Global Development Awards Competition,  also known as the Japanese Awards. The Competition is generously funded by the Ministry of Finance, Government of Japan since 2000, and since 2011 thanks to the Policy and Human Resources Development (PHRD) Fund administered by the World Bank. Over two decades, the Competition has gained visibility and prestige, becoming a standard feature of 19 Global Development Conferences held in five continents.  Today, the Japanese Awards is GDN’s flagship awards program. 

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