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GDN Procurement Policy

GDN should strive to ensure purchases deliver value-for-money, are cost effective and support organization values and goals. The GDN requires the highest ethical standards during the procurement process. The procurement process must ensure following principles
Fairness, integrity, transparency and effectiveness 
Rationality between the procedures followed for awarding contracts 
Equal treatment and non-discrimination of potential contractors, service providers and vendors 
The complete documentation of procurement process of goods and services 
The scope of these procurement procedures will be applicable for the procurement of goods and services for GDN use only.
1. Vendor Selection | The organization ensures purchased products and services conform to GDN’s specific need and requirements.  This starts with selection of appropriate suppliers and vendors that have the capability and systems to supply products, materials and services to the organization’s requirements. Selection of all vendors function would be performed by the Administration Officer.  The documentation of vendor selection and contract purchasing requirements is the responsibility of the Administration Officer.  This applies to all vendors of products, materials, and services that directly affect the quality of GDN’s products and services.
2. Limits | For every purchase of above USD 500, of non-repetitive nature, three quotations should be obtained.  Every year after July or when an item of repetitive nature is to be purchased, whichever is later, fresh quotations should also be obtained for all such purchases so as to make sure that vendors are providing items at competitive prices on regular basis.  
3. Procurement Committee | All purchases above the value of USD 1,000 are approved by the Procurement Committee. The minimum quorum required to conduct a procurement Committee meeting is three members. The duration of the Procurement Committee is one year and members are announced each year by the Director Finance, HR & Administration (DFHA) and coordinator of the meeting is the Administration Officer. All purchases below the value of USD 1,000 require approval from the DFHA.
4.  Approvals | All purchases related to travel tickets and hotel accommodation for group and individual travels are approved by the DFHA. Purchase of Fixed Assets above the value of USD 20,000 requires the approval from the President.
5. Receiving and Inspection | All goods and materials should be received in an organized manner and inspected prior to use to provide an initial quality control inspection.  Any items or shipments rejected will be properly quarantined from other items until disposition. 
6. Calls | An international call to be announced to select consultants to be hired as mentors and reviewers under various GDN programs. 
7. Sole Source | In case of purchase through sole source, a justification note to be prepared by the head of the concerned unit and approved by the DFHA.