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Inter-regional Research Program

 Photo by Lance Asper/Unsplash


Supported by Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the Inter-regional Research Program (IRP) was targeted towards strengthening research and policy links between Latin America, Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific. Through this program, GDN envisaged the cooperation of research teams in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Asia-Pacific regions in undertaking research studies on issues of macroeconomic volatility, vulnerability and the construction of regional monetary and fiscal institutions.

The program encouraged the exchange of expertise between researchers from different regions, to diffuse knowledge across regional borders, foster South-South collaboration more broadly and develop long-term partnerships for research projects between researchers across regions.

See the projects conducted under the IRP here.

Funding Partner

The program was supported by Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

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To find the studies completed under this program, please go to the Research section of this website, and check back frequently for updates.