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“After years of experience with Kaizen across the world, it will be good to know how it works to improve quality and productivity and to effectively achieve inclusive, innovative and sustainable growth, and in what circumstances.”  Naohiro Kitano, Director of the JICA Research Institute.

During this project, local researchers generated contextualized knowledge needed to promote ownership of lessons from Kaizen approaches, and related policy decisions. The implementation of Kaizen was documented in different contexts, showing how management methods can play a significant role in raising productivity. Results were featured in a book co-edited by Akio Hosono (JICA-RI), Go Shimada (Meiji University), and John Page (Brookings Institution), and and will feed into policy discussions on managerial capacity and work systems, as well as on the social structures needed to boost economic growth. Read more about the book's co-editors here.

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