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Opportunities with GDN

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The Global Development Network comprises a small team that punches way above its weight. With a core group of about 20 staff, we are able to reach researchers, institutions and networks in an increasing number of countries around the world. Our staff come from India (where our global head office is based), Europe, Canada, Africa and Latin America. If you are interested in our mission, flexible in your approach, and excited about working on a global scale, you will love working with us. We are an equal opportunity employer, and strive to make our (increasingly hybrid) working environment both rewarding and fun.


The Global Development Network is currently offering these opportunities:

  • GDN wishes to hire an agency for website development and is welcoming proposals from reputable and qualified companies with a track record of success in designing and producing digital solutions, to develop and completely revamp its website – www.gdn.int. A detailed TOR and procedure for application can be found here. Apply by February 15, 2023.
  • GDN wishes to empanel freelance professional Translators and Proofreaders for English, French and Spanish into its roster of GDN language professionals. Their services will be requested whenever the need arises. View the TOR. Applications and enquiries can be sent to Stephania Cajero Callejas no later than
    20 February 2023
  • GDN is forming an editorial board for the GlobalDev Blog and is searching for Editorial Board Members to identify potential authors and debates to be published on the blog. View the TOR and application details here. Last date for applications is February 12, 2023, midnight GMT +1.
  • GDN is looking for Senior Editors proficient in English, French or Spanish to work with the GlobalDev Editorial Team, and be responsible for quality control and copy editing. View the TOR and application details here. Apply by February 12, 2023, midnight GMT +1.
  • GDN is searching for a Communication Training Expert for the Global Development Awards Competition (GDAC) 2022, to provide a week-long training in an online setting to finalists of GDAC. The call is available here and is open until 3 March 2023.
  • Fill out this online form to be invited to quote for services and participate in the next GDN communications project. No deadline.

Unfortunately, we cannot respond to 'cold' applications for positions or internships that have not been advertised.