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17th Annual Global Development Conference

Image: The Conference Logo, E for Education, was designed based on a Peruvian carpet weave.


GDN's 17th GDN Annual Global Development Conference focused on the topic of ‘Education for Development: Quality and Inclusion for Changing Global Human Capital Needs.’

The world declared, through the United Nations, that the 4th Sustainable Development Goal is to “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.” The objective of the conference was to initiate the process of operationalizing this goal in terms of concrete objectives and policies through informed discussion, debate and collaboration between development stakeholders. Conference attendees deliberated on policies and strategies in education and related areas that will ensure human capital needs can be met in the context of rapid global techno-economic changes. This included sessons on the four cornerstones of Education for Development: Skills for Tomorrow, Public Finance and Public Policy, Pedagogy, Technology and Institutions, Research and Policy. See a film that recaps the main discussions at the conference here.

The Global Development Network also hosted an Awards Ceremony for the Global Development Awards Competition, during the conferece to recognize excellence in policy-oriented research, support research capacity development in developing countries and fund innovative social development projects benefiting marginalized groups in the developing world. Since its inception in 2000, GDN has provided US$3.8 million in awards and travel grants to finalists and winners. See a film about the 2016 winners here.


GDN's annual conferences aim to connect developing countries researchers and students with the world’s most influential researchers, corporate leaders and policy makers on a common platform where they can interact with each other, share their research work and discuss the most pressing challenges in social and economic development. The defining features of the GDN conference are the empowerment of researchers in developing countries, strengthening of research skills and the mobilization of research for public policy.


This Conference was held in Lima, Peru. GDN's flagship event is its Annual Global Development Conference held in different countries, each year, across the globe. Previous conferences have been organised in Bonn, Tokyo, Rio, Cairo, New Delhi, Dakar, St. Petersberg, Beijing, Brisbane, Kuwait, Bogota, Budapest, Manila, Accra and Casablanca.


The conference was held in partnership with the Ministry of Education Peru and the Group for the Analysis of Development (GRADE). It was hosted by Universidad del Pacifico.


This was a two day conference, held on 17-18 March, 2016.


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