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Results and Impact

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The program produces knowledge on the performance of research systems and through a range of communication outputs and dissemination channels, releases original data. It also organizes discussions and outreach initiatives that can be strategic to both international and national reforms in the global South.


Significant Outcomes

The DRAs have:

  • positioned GDN and IDRC as important stakeholders in national debates on the future of research in the eyes of institutions such as Myanmar’s Rectors Committee, the National Education policy Commission, and the Ministry of Education 
  • boosted the visibility and credibility of CESD (Myanmar) as a provider of quality research-based evidence in the national landscape, and later that of the Asia Research Centre at Universitas Indonesia as a regional research hub on knowledge systems
  • linked up efforts by international partners (British Council; SIDA) through a conversation about evidence-based ODA spending in Myanmar’s university sector, and the future of international support to higher education sector reform in the post-coup era
  • catalyzed GDN’s local implementing partners to join forces into a growing Southern network of research-on-research scholars able to share lessons on how to mobilize National Young Academies of Sciences (for example, Indonesia, Nigeria) 


Dissemination of Results

  • A podcast by Asia Research News about the state of Doing Research in Myanmar, based on this webinar
  • A podcast on Myanmar in collaboration with Asia Research News
  • Doing Social Science Research in Nigeria explained through an infographic