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Mapping the development impacts of migration

This paper presents a comprehensive framework for mapping the economic and social impacts of migration, focusing particularly on developing countries that send migrants to other countries, as a way to understand and frame the relationship between migration and development, and to help policymakers devise plans to optimize the overall development impacts of migration.​

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Retrospective Analysis of School-Based Malaria Treatment Programme and Impact on Health and Education Outcomes in Mangochi District, Malawi

This paper sought to evaluate the impact of the malaria treatment program in the Mangochi district, on both school and health outcomes.

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Managing Healthcare Provision and Health Outcomes through Local Governance

The study singles out factors such as the quality of healthcare providers, the impact of local governance on healthcare and health satisfaction,

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Conservation Through Public Health | 2015-2017

Conservation Through Public Health (CTPH), Uganda, aims to address existing sustainable development challenges, which undermine the potential for marginalized communities to benefit from the unique economic opportunities of living next to a protected area, by using an integrated approach to conservation, health and community development.

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Does Health Matter for Inequality in Transition Countries: The Case of Ukraine

This study is an empirical analysis of the influence of health on income inequality and poverty in Ukraine

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Promoting Innovative Programs from the Developing World: Towards Realizing the Health MDGs in Africa and Asia

This project sought to identify the greatest potential for replication and contributing to the achievement of the three Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) directly related to health in Africa and Asia, namely, reducing child mortality, improving maternal health, and combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases.

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