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Promoting Innovative Programs from the Developing World: Towards Realizing the Health MDGs in Africa and Asia

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Twenty program impact evaluations across 19 countries from the developing and transition world were involved in this Global Research Project, which used experimental and quasi-experimental techniques of evaluating health interventions.

The project sought to identify the greatest potential for replication and contributing to the achievement of the three Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) directly related to health in Africa and Asia, namely, reducing child mortality, improving maternal health and combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases.

Research and Results

Research from the project was published in the Panamerican Journal of Public Health. The paper, titled 'A cluster-randomized controlled trial of handrubs for prevention of infectious diseases among children in Colombia' can be read here.

Read the policy briefs from the program here.


This project was supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


Brazil | Evaluating the Impact of Community-Based Health Interventions: Evidence from Brazil’s Family Health Program
Cameroon | Do HIV-AIDS Teacher Training Programs Work in Africa? Evidence from the Cameroon 
China | An Impact Evaluation of the Safe Motherhood Program in China
Ghana | An Evaluation of the Ghana National Health Insurance Scheme in the Context of the Health MDGs
Ghana |  Ghana’s National Health Insurance Scheme in the Context of the Health MDGs: An Empirical Evaluation Using Propensity Score Matching 
Ethiopia |  Impact Evaluation of the Ethiopian Health Services Extension Program 
India | Impact Evaluation of India’s ‘Yeshasvini’ Community-Based Health Insurance Program  
Iran |  Family Planning and Rural Fertility Decline in Iran: A Study in Program Evaluation  
Kenya |  Evaluating the Impact of Micro-Franchising the Distribution of Anti-Malarial Drugs in Kenya on Malaria Mortality and Morbidity
Malawi |  Retrospective Analysis of School-Based Malaria Treatment Programme and Impact on Health and Education Outcomes in Mangochi District, Malawi  
Rwanda |  Impact of Performance-Based Financing in Rwanda: Health Facility Level Analysis 
Malawi | The Short-Term Impacts of a CCT Program for Schooling on the Sexual Behavior of Young Women 
Nicaragua |  Social Security Health Insurance for the Informal Sector in Nicaragua: A Randomized Evaluation 
Vietnam | Impact Evaluation of a Young Medical Volunteers Project for Vietnam Rural Mountains 
Vietnam | ​Impacts of a Government Social Franchise Model on Perceptions of Service Quality and Client Satisfaction at Commune Health Stations in Vietnam​
Thailand |  An Evaluation of a Safe Motherhood Hospital Program 
Thailand | The Potential of Provider-Initiated Voluntary HIV Counseling and Testing at Health Care Settings in Thailand 
Ukraine | Evaluation of the Impact of the Mother and Infant Health Project in Ukraine

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To find the studies completed under this program, please go to the Research section of this website, and check back frequently for updates.