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Japan Social Development Fund Award

Image: GDN


The Japan Social Development Fund Award (JSDF) is a category of GDN's Global Development Awards Competition, which seeks to recognize innovative ideas in the implementation of development projects for vulnerable and disadvantaged communities in developing countries. Through the JSDF Award, GDN provides large grants to NGOs to support the replication and scaling-up of their development projects.

First Prize Winners of the Japanese Award for Most Innovative Development Project (MIDP) are eligible to compete for a JSDF grant of up to US $200,000.

The Award is generously funded by the Ministry of Finance, Government of Japan, and has been an important part of GDN's outreach work since 2010. Currently, GDN supports development projects lead by three JSDF grantees in India, Kenya and Thailand, focusing on education, rural development, youth and women's empowerment, and conservation and public health



Kids Home Development Network Foundation | 2024-2026

Project: Building Bridges to Better Health Outcomes for Migrant Workers and their Children in Thai Construction Sector

Footprint: Chiang Mai and Bangkok, Thailand

700 migrant children or children born to migrant parents (predominantly migrants from Myanmar and Cambodia, with some from Thai hill tribes or other ethnic minorities) living in construction site camps (direct beneficiaries); 107000 parents or adult community members of direct beneficiaries; 24 Companies in the Thai construction sector; 16 Thai public health service providers


International Aid Services Kenya | 2024-2026

Project: Building resilience through water harvesting and environmental conservation to upscale climate change interventions

Footprint: Tharaka North, Tharaka Nithi County, East Africa, Kenya

615 farmers as the direct beneficiaries who will benefit from the equipping of 15 water pans, 2 earth dam improvements, 2 new earth dams construction, 75 energy-saving stoves and capacity building initiatives


Save the Children India | 2024-2026

Project: Dream Accelerator

Footprint: Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Assam, Bihar, West Bengal, Odisha, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, India

This project enters 5 new locations and builds reach in 5 ongoing locations (MIDP). Two locations to be scaled down owing to staff requirements. A cadre of 100 children across the 10 locations will be engaged and 10000 community members including key stakeholders in the local and state level


AFLOAT: Flood Resilient Organic Aquafarming, India | 2020 -2022

Women mix soil and compost in preparation for the Float farming method in Assam, India

Project: AFLOAT: Adaptive Floats as Flood Resilient Organic Aquafarming Contrivances for Marginal Farmers of South Asia Living in Climate Trap (SAFE website)

Footprint: Majuli and Shivsagar, Assam; Supaul and Saharsa, Bihar; 24 Prg (North and South) and Chhoto Mollakhali, as well as  Deulbari, Debipur, West Bengal.

Beneficiaries:  9,000-10,000 households (15,000 farmers) in India with the goal to benefit 18,000 additional households


Power99 Foundation: Broad Class - Listen to Learn, Pakistan | 2016-2018

Little girl listening to 'Broad Class - Listen to Learn' lessons in Pakistan through the provided radio sets.

Project: Broad Class - Listen to Learn

Footprint: 18 districts across Pakistan

Beneficiaries: 7,585 children, 2,500 members of community, and 240 heads of schools and teachers.


Chinmaya Organization for Rural Development (CORD), India | 2016-2018

Village women farmers in conversation with staff and trainers on site. Kangra, Himachal Pradesh.

Project: Empowering Small and Marginal Women Farmers in Hill Agriculture Through Systematic Investment

Footprint: Kangra District, Himachal Pradesh, India

Beneficiaries: 500 small and marginal farmers belonging to marginalized communities


Science of Life Studies (SOLS), Cambodia | 2016-2017

Project: Equal Opportunities for Education

Footprint: Set-up 18 subsidized province centers in Cambodia

Beneficiaries: 5,605 young men and women


Sustainable Development for All (SDFA), Kenya | 2016-2017

Mwangabora lamps being distributed to women through community groups (Image: SDFA Kenya)

Project: Use Solar, Save Lives – Empowering Youth and Women Project 

Footprint: 15 different villages spread across 3 counties in Kenya – Kitui, Makueni and Kakamega

Beneficiaries: 1,100 young men and women


Conservation Through Public Health | 2015-2017

Planning Meeting to Scale up the Integrated Conservation, Health and Community Development Model at Mount Elgon National Park, Kenya

Project: Scaling-Up Integrated Conservation, Health and Community Development Models

Footprint: Three national parks in Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya and Uganda

Beneficiaries: 84,000


Impulse NGO Network | 2013-2016

Vocational training for rehabilitation of trafficked victims, Myanmar

Project: Impulse Case Info Centre Myanmar

Footprint: India and Myanmar

Beneficiaries: 100,000 (including personnel from government departments, civil society stakeholders, media, and trafficked women and men)


Fundacion Paraguaya | 2012-2014

Entrepreneurship training for low income youth in Nicaragua

Project: Scaling-up the Financially Self-Sufficient School Model

Footprint: Five schools in four countries – Bolivia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Paraguay

Beneficiaries: 1300 low-income youth