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Doing Research in Myanmar – Country Update 2022 (Excerpts)

Soon after the 2021 military coup in Myanmar, a report titled ‘Doing Research in Myanmar – Country Update 2022’, was produced by the Centre for Economic and Social Development (CESD) – the agency which had also produced a Doing Research Assessment for Myanmar in 2020. 

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Doing Research in Venezuela

The 'Doing Research in Venezuela' report is a preliminary study of the state of the country's research system that draws on interviews and desk research.

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Doing Research in Bolivia

This study constitutes the first systematic analysis toward providing comprehensive and comparable information on local research in the country, in an effort to better understand current research practices and policies.

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Doing Research in Nigeria

In Nigeria, unfortunately, there have been no systematic efforts to generate data on the domestic Social Science Research (SSR) system since independence.

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Doing Research in Myanmar

Boosting investment in knowledge production and the use of locally-grounded social science research in Myanmar remains a critical element for a sustainable democratic transition.

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Doing Research in Indonesia

Recent research on the organization of research production in Asia shows the effect of marketization on the quality of academic work. 

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Education Expenditure and Outcome in Senegal

Senegal guarantees equal access to primary education for all children and spends around 40% of its total public expenditure on education – amongst the highest in the region. This study examines the impact of education expenditures on educational outcomes.

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Effects of Capitation Grant on Education Outcomes in Ghana

This study examines the extent to which the Capitation Grant in Ghana impacts the performance of schools in the national assessment examinations, and also bridges the gap in the examination performance of boys and girls.

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Education, Training and Youth Unemployment in Kenya

The main objective of this study was to empirically analyze the factors explaining why some youths are unemployed, or underemployed, while others are able to secure full employment, as well as to determine the role of education and training in explaining youth unemployment, in Kenya.

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GDN Education Issues Paper

This paper reviews governance and institutional challenges facing educational systems in developing countries, to serve as a background for GDN’s Global Research Project on Governance and Public Service Delivery.

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