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Recent Editions of the Global Development Awards Competition

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  • Global Development Awards Competition 2024 - The 2024 edition of the Global Development Awards Competition featured two categories with the theme “Sustainable Climate Action for Human-Centered Development”: The Japanese Award for Outstanding Research on Development (ORD) targets researchers from low-income or middle-income countries to submit research proposals (Learn more) and the Japanese Award for Most Innovative Development Project (MIDP) invites non-profit NGOs and CSOs from low and lower-middle-income countries to submit project applications (Learn more). GDN is also looking for Reviewers for both categories which are available under each respective category (Learn more).
  • Global Development Awards Competition 2021The 2021 edition of the Global Development Awards Competition focused on the theme 'International trade and the promotion of biodiversity' (Learn more) for the ORD category. The MIDP category had three themes: 'Universal health coverage and COVID,' 'Community-driven Climate-related Disaster Risk Reduction in Rural Areas' and 'Quality urban infrastructure and community driven governance.' (Learn more). Winners were declared in October 2021 (See also finalists).
  • Global Development Awards Competition 2020The 2020 edition only ran the ORD category under the theme, "Unpacking the health-environment-economic wellbeing nexus'. In light of the current limitations to travel in place across the planet, the selection was conducted online. For more information please visit this page.   
  • Global Development Awards Competition 2019The 2019 edition only ran the ORD category and was concluded at the GDN conference in Bonn, Germany in October 2019 on the theme, 'Doing research in developing countries: the role of non-academic actors, new communication platforms and leadership in social sciences'. Learn more

Note: There was no Global Development Awards Competition in 2018.

  • Global Development Awards Competition 2017Proposals under both awards categories addressed the theme, ‘Skill Development and Employment Generation’, in the areas of agriculture, manufacturing and digital technology. Winners were chosen by an eminent jury at GDN’s conference, held in New Delhi, India, in March 2018. Finalists from both award categories were invited to present their proposals at the conference. Learn more.
  • Global Development Awards Competition 2016This edition was concluded in Lima, Peru on the 17-18 March, 2016, on the theme of 'Education for Development: Quality & Inclusion for Changing Global Human Capital Needs.' Learn more
  • Global Development Awards Competition 2015The MIDP category collected proposals from all development projects being implemented in low-income countries and lower-middle-income countries. The ORD category had four subthemes 1) Food security and nutrition 2) Environmental challenges and natural resources management; 3) Economic, social and political transformations: effect and impact of agricultural development process; 4) Financial and technological innovation: which new tools for the next ‘Green Revolution'. Winners were selected at the 16th Annual Global Development Conference which took place in Morocco from 11-13 June 2015. Watch what the winners of the awards in 2015 had to say MIDP 2015 Winner | ORD 2015 Winner

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